FISH on BioGenex NanoVIP®

Rapid, high-grade FISH, into an ISH System
Fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) is customarily applied to envisage gene mutations and chromosomal abbreviation in tumor specimens. The major pitfall of this technique is the substantial assay participatory time required. BioGenex NanoVIP®, a fully automated relinquish solution for advanced staining, accredits the FISH system with unrivalled efficiency, flexibility and more economic.


IHC like take-off flight time
The high trough output BioGenex NanoVIP® combined with ZytoMation hybridization probe warrants an IHC-like refine time for FISH. ZytoMation hybridization probe lowers hybridization to 2 hours. This allows a 4 hours turn-around time for FISH.


Run 10 different FISH protocols simultaneously
10 independent thermal cyclers positions can run at same time. BioGenex NanoVIP® permits 10 independent hybridizer stains for running up to ten protocols simultaneously.

Overall, this comparative analysis with satisfying results highly recommended the NanoVIP® for FISH, miRNA ISH and IHC from BioGenex.