We have been using BioGenex NanoVIP all-in-one fully automated staining system for the last 2 years. It enables automation of any slide-based staining procedures (baking to DAPI mounting), in our lab, we use it for in situ hybridization (ISH)/RNAScope. According to our experience, the system is quite reliable as it delivers high-throughput, high-quality, and reproducible stainings across the runs. We particularly tested for the above aspects in the system using the same assay parameters and were completely satisfied with the outcome. 

NanoVIP greatly improved the hybridization efficiency in our ISH / RNAScope assays, which could be due to the precise control of temperature in each slide staining station. We also had a great experience using BioGenex ready-to-use antibodies, ISH probes, and other company’s reagents on NanoVIP. The most pleasing experience with NanoVIP for us was time saving. It was quite straightforward as the system allows running ten independent protocols simultaneously with various set parameters.  

Together, we are very satisfied and highly recommend the NanoVIP All-in-one fully automated staining system, antibodies, and related consumables from BioGenex.