NanoVIP® 100 & 300

NanoVIP® 100 & 300 are diverse, fully automated system for fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), in situ hybridization (ISH) and miRNA ISH. Its reliable automation combining with eXACT™ temperature modules and liquid level sensors for accurate liquid handling ensures robust and reproducible results.

The All-in-One system can run 10(NanoVIP® 100) & 30(NanoVIP® 300) different protocols simultaneously, making new protocol optimization easier. This instrument can simplify a complex 33-step manual FISH protocol and reduce it to 3simplesteps: load slides, select protocol, and view completed slides. The NanoVIP® software is an intuitive easy-to-use software which creates and stores user-defined protocols. With quality engineered hardware, unparalleled software capabilities, and one of the smallest footprints on the market, the NanoVIP remains an ideal choice for both clinical and research laboratories.

Catalog No: AS1020



Automation Full (baking through final clearing)
Slide capacity 10 slides
Reagent capacity 24 reagent vials
Reagent vial capacity 10 mL
Bulk reagent carboy & capacity 5 x 1 L
Waste container & capacity 1 x 5 L
Slide sensing Open
Reagent sensing Open
Reagent dispense volumes 10-180 µL
Reagent dispenser Pipette tips
Slide temperature range 25-105 °C
Configuration Bench Top
Protocols Open template
Operating temperature 15-30 °C
Operating humidity 15%-55% RH
Operating voltage 110V 60Hz 380W; 220V 50HZ 380W
Dimensions (D/W/H) 21″ x 31″ x 21″
Weight 106 lb/48 Kg

Reagents & Consumables

Product Name Catalogs
XISH™ One step polymer-HRP Detection System for NanoVIP DF540-YADX
eFISH Cyto Kit For NanoVIP® DF530-20X, DF531-50X
eFISH Histo Kit for NanoVIP® DF520-20X, DF521-50X
New & Improved Super SensitiveTM Polymer HRP IHC Detection for NanoVIP® QD551-YCDEN, QD551-YCXEN
New & Improved Super SensitiveTM 1-Step Polymer HRP Detection for NanoVIP® QD611-YADEN, QD611-YCXEN
X-DeWax HX015-XAK, HX016-XAK, HX016-XEK
Peroxide Block HK111-5K, HK111-50K
Power Block™ HK085-5K, HK085-50K
Protein Block / Normal Goat Serum (use with Mouse & Rabbit Link) HK112-5K, HK112-9K
Protein Block / Normal Rabbit Serum (use with Goat & Rat Link) HK114-5K
Avidin/Biotin Blocking Kit HK102-5KE
Two-component DAB HK542-XAKE
Hematoxylin, Mayer’s HK100-5K, HK100-9K
SuperMount® (Permanent Aqueous Mounting Medium) HK079-5K
Aquaeous Mounting Medium HK099-5K
Phosphate Buffered Saline HK091-9K
Tris Buffer HK098-9K
Tris Buffer, (Wash Buffer) 3/Pack (dried Power to make 3 L) HK098-5K
Super Sensitive Wash Buffer (20X Concentrated) HK583-5K
EZ-AR™ 1 Elegance (Citra) HK546-XAK
EZ-AR™ 2 Elegance (EDTA) HK547-XAK
Barrier Slides, 18×18 mm (70/box, 1440/case) XT128-SL, XT128-CL
Barrier Slides, 25×25 mm (70/box, 1440/case) XT108-SL, XT108-CL
Barrier Slides, 25×40 mm (70/box, 1440/case) XT134-SL, XT134-CL
Coverslips, 18×18 mm (175/box, 1750/case) XT121-YBX, XT121-XBX
Coverslips, 25×25 mm (90/box, 900/case) XT122-90X, XT122-YQK
Coverslips, 25×40 mm (50/box, 500/case) XT118-50X, XT118-YRK
Pipette Tips, 200 μL (960/box, 4800/case) XT146-01X, XT145-05X
Reagent Vial Insert, 2 mL XT149-V24
10ml Empty Assay Vial (white) XT157-24X
10ml Empty Assay Vial (Brown) XT158-24X