Nucleic Acid Retrieval

Nucleic Acid Retrieval is an effective way of unmasking DNA in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections using microwave heating. The Nucleic Acid Retrieval solution breaks the formalin induced cross-linking bonds between DNA and proteins, as well as protein-protein cross-linking thereby allowing better penetration of probes and accessibility of DNA for binding. Nucleic Acid Retrieval (NAR-1) is recommended instead of Proteinase K when DNA targeting probes are used. 


Enzymes for Tissue Processing

Some tissues require the use of enzymatic pre-treatment before staining to achieve standardized results depending on different incubation and pre-treatment requirements. Each kit contains three or four vials of lyophilized enzyme powder and 15 ml of reconstitution buffer to make fresh enzyme solutions. 

  • Proteinase K in a ready to use (RTU), RNase-free solution and is recommended for use with RNA targeting probes.
  • The Trypsin and Pepsin kits contain well-established enzymes suitable for routine pre-treatment at 37°C. Pepsin is recommended as pretreatment for FISH applications.
  • Protease XXIV kits contain a universal digestive agent that allows for fast and effective pre-treatment at room temperature.


Dewaxing and Rehydration Reagents

BioGenex dewaxing solutions are “one-step” products that simultaneously enable the removal of paraffin and allow rehydration of the tissue with a single reagent. In the past, formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections were traditionally deparaffinized with highly toxic, noxious chemicals (i.e. xylene, equivalents). BioGenex offers xylene-free products that remove the paraffin from mounted tissue slides easily and rapidly. 

  • EZ-DeWax Solution for all BioGenex manual methods.
  • X-Dewax Solution optimized for Xmatrx automation.