Ancillaries & Consumables

Ancillaries as a one-stop-shop provider of molecular pathology workstations and reagents, we also offer a comprehensive suite of ancillary products to support our customers. These high-quality products are aimed at accelerating the generation of reproducible and reliable tissue staining results. The ancillaries and consumables, we offer include Antigen Retrievals, Enzymes for Tissue Digestion, Dewaxing and Blocking reagents, Buffers and Diluents, Counter Stains and Mounting media, Vials, Pipette tips, Slides, Coverslips, Pap pen.

Product NameCatalogPack Size
DeWaxHX015-XAK100 (1000ML)
DAPIHK606-10K100 TESTS (1ML)
18×18 SlidesXT128-SL72 slides/box
18×18 CoverslipsXT121-YBX175 coverslip/box
25×25 SlidesXT128-SL72 slides/box
25×25 CoverslipsXT122-90X90 coverslip/box
Pipette TipsXT146-01X960/Box
Pipette TipsXT145-05X4800/Case
Reagent Vial InsertXT149-V2424/Pack
PAP PenXT001-PP1 Unit