Reagnet vials and accessories

i6000™ Diagnostics & Xmatrx® Infinity: The OptiMiser™ reagent vials (U.S. & Foreign Equivalent Patents Pending) are available as a 20 mL disposable pack for use on the i6000™ or Xmatrx® Infinity staining systems. Vials are designed to minimize dead volume:

Xmatrx® Elite: Reagents vials for Xmatrx® Elite Automated Staining Systems are barcoded 17 ml vials especially designed to ensure  accurate  identification, proper reagent inventory management and staining of up to 200 slides. These vials dead volume is minimized to <0.5 ml. Barcode vials for use with antibodies from any supplier (user defined) are also available (XT077-AX601 to XT077-AX0999).

ISH probes are supplied in 2 ml vials, inserted in barcode vial holders thus minimizing dead volume to <0.05 ml. Barcode vials for use with ISH probes from any supplier (user defined) are also available (XT079-PR0050 to XT079-PR0099).

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Microscope slides and coverslips

OptiPlus™ Positive-Charged Microscope Slides provide a strong adhesive surface for tissues and cells to prevent tissue displacement during harsh pre-treatments such as enzymatic digestion and the microwave Antigen Retrieval method. These slides are ideal for automated systems. Additionally, each slide has a frosted end for easy labeling. The OptiPlus™ Positive-Charged Barrier Slides have all the advantages of our regular OptiPlus™ slides, but also contain hydrophobic barriers that allow the quantity of reagents per slide to be tailored to the size of the specimen. These slides eliminate reagent waste without the need to use a PAP pen, thereby reducing set-up time in manual assays as well as in automated systems. The permanent hydrophobic barriers are compatible with dewaxing solutions and other reagents. The slides are suitable for use with frozen tissue sections, formalin-fixed paraffin sections, and cytology preparations.

Microscope Barrier Slides & Coverslips for Xmatrx

OptiPlus™ Barrier Slides for Xmatrx® (U.S. & Foreign Equivalent Patents Pending) contain a double hydrophobic barrier that allows formation of an oil seal to prevent evaporation of micro-reagents during high temperature steps and prolonged incubations. Four different configurations are available:

  • A single test area of 25 x 40 mm (>80 µL of reagent recommended)
  • A single test area of 25 x 25 mm (>40 µL of reagent recommended)
  • A single test area of 18 x 18 mm (>10 µL of reagent recommended)
  • Two test area per slide, each measuring 18 x 18 mm

Coverslips are optimized for use on Xmatrx® staining systems and come is three configurations to accommodate the different barrier slides.

Microscope Slides &  accesories for i6000™ and Manual

OptiPlus™ Barrier slides for i6000™ come in three different configurations to accommodate different tissue sizes or multiple tissues per slide:

  • A single, full-size test area of 25 x 40 mm
  • A single 2/3-size test area of 25 x 30 mm
  • Three 1/3-size test areas per slide, each measuring 25 x 15 mm

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Pipette tips

BioGenex pipette tips are made of high-quality polypropylene and are RNase and heavy metal-free when untampered. Inner surface is extremely smooth and requires minimum wetting. 1 mL pipette tips are optimized for use on BioGenex Xmatrx® and i6000™ Staining Systems, while 200 µL tips are optimized for Xmatrx® staining systems.

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Consumables kit

The PAP Pen is a useful pen-like tool for immunohistochemical staining methods. It is designed to prevent the waste of valuable reagents by forming a water-repellent barrier around the specimen. This barrier creates the proper surface tension to hold an antibody solution or detection reagents within the target area on the slide. The surface tension provided by the PAP Pen circle ensures that only the amount of antibody solution needed for sufficient reaction will be applied. Since over-flooding of the slide is eliminated, wiping of excess fluid around the specimen can be avoided. The PAP Pen can be used for immunostaining of paraffin sections, frozen sections, and for fluorescent antibody methods. The PAP Pen contains a special formulation, which is water repellent. It can be removed, if desired, with xylene or xylene substitutes after the staining procedure is completed.

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