Xmatrx<sup>®</sup> MINI

Xmatrx® MINI

Xmatrx® MINI – eFISHiency Workstation

BioGenex presents Xmatrx® MINI to meet the requirements of fully integrated optimal workflow for molecular (nucleic acid) analysis applications such as Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (FISH), and in situ hybridization (ISH), –essential tools for cancer research and diagnosis. Xmatrx® MINI is a compact, complete, ALL-IN-ONE, fully integrated slide staining system.

Xmatrx® MINI comes with ten individually programmable slide blocks and is designed to complete the entire staining procedure within the blocks, starting from baking to the final coverslip. This process eliminates the need for separate dewax, antigen retrieval stations, Coplin jars, rubber cement, forceps, and water baths. The slides stay at the workstations throughout the process for optimized workflow, saving valuable time and increasing productivity while reducing human error. Furthermore, the Xmatrx® MINI system allows manual application of probes and reagents to optimize usage quantity and cost reduction.

For applications, Xmatrx® MINI performs rapid heating and cooling, achieving 95ºC from ambient temperature in less than 2 minutes, and amplifies low-abundance nucleic acids within the tissue. The system comes with a touch screen display for easy operation. Accessories include a suction pen for placement and removal of coverslips, an oil stamp for sealing, and coverslip dispensing racks.
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