EZ-Retriever<sup>®</sup> IR System

EZ-Retriever® IR System

The EZ – Retriever® IR System is a microwave-based antigen retrieval system invented by BioGenex. This system is meant for antigen retrieval of FFPE tissue sections to enhance the accessibility of the epitopes. With varying maximum microwave power levels, solution volumes, and heating time, this system resolves inconsistency issues in various antigen retrieval methods.

This user-friendly and high throughput system (96 slides in 30 minutes) facilitates standardization of antigen retrieval protocols to produce high-quality and reproducible stainings. Boiling FFPE tissue sections in buffers such as citrate, EDTA, or Tris, break the methylene bridges formed during fixation and help recover the masked epitopes. The EZ – Retriever® IR System has standardized protocols for antigen retrieval, and for the best outcome, use it in conjunction with our EZ-AR™ Elegance retrieval solutions.
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