eFISH NMYC/2q11 Dual Color Probe
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The BioGenex eFISH NMYC/2q11 Dual Color probe is designed to be used for the detection of the human NMYC gene as well as chromosome 2 specific sequences in formalinfixed, paraffin-embedded tissue or cells by fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH).
BioGenex eFISH NMYC/2q11 Dual Color probe comes in hybridization buffer. The probe contains green-labeled polynucleotides (Green: excitation at 503 nm and emission at 528 nm, similar to FITC), which target the NMYC gene, and orange-labeled polynucleotides (Orange: excitation at 547 nm and emission at 572 nm, similar to rhodamine), which target sequences of chromosome 2 in the chromosomal region 2q11

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10 tests (RTU), 20 tests (RTU)