eFISH CEN 17/HER2 Dual Color Probe


The BioGenex eFISH Her2/CEN17 dual color probe is designed to be used for the detection of chromosome 17 alpha-satellites as well as the human HER2 gene in formalin-fixed,paraffin-embedded tissue or cells by fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH). BioGenex eFISH Her2/CEN17 dual color probe comes in hybridization buffer. The probe contains green-labeled polynucleotides (Green: excitation at 503 nm and emission at 528 nm, similar to FITC), which target the alpha-satellite-sequences of the centromere of chromosome 17 and orange labeled polynucleotides (Orange: excitation at 547 nm and emission at 572 nm, similar to rhodamine), which target HER2 gene.
Intended Use: RUO