Deoxyinosine Phosphoramidite


Catalog No.
BGX 6002 (For Applied Biosystems and MilliGen 8800, 8700, and 8600 DNA Synthesizers)

Product Name
Deoxy-Inosine CED Phosphoramidite;

Formula MW
C40H47N6O7P 754.8

White to off-white powder

Storage Conditions
Store desiccated at -20°C.

Dissolve in appropriate amount of acetonitrile per instructions given in your automated DNA synthesizer manual.

Catalog No. Quantity Acetonitrile Needed

for 0.1M

6002-01 0.1 g 1.32 mL
6002-025 0.25 g 3.31 mL
6002-05 0.5 g 6.62 mL
SKU: BGX-6002-025GP
Acetonitrile Needed for 0.1M: 0.5 mLl.0mL3.0 mL