Anti-Uroplakin IIIa, Clone C-6


Uroplakins IIIa (UPIIIa) belongs to a family of transmembrane proteins Uroplakins that are specific differentiation products of urothelial cells. It is a component of the asymmetric unit membrane (AUM) and is a highly specialized bio-membrane made by terminally differentiated urothelial cells. It plays a major role in AUM-cytoskeleton interaction in terminally differentiated urothelial cells. UPIIIa contributes to the formation of urothelial glycocalyx, which may play an important role in preventing bacterial adherence through FimH bacterial protein binding leading to bladder infection. It is present in the urothelial surface membrane of human renal pelvis, ureter, bladder and urethra. UPIIIa is specific for tumors of urothelial origin and, used in combination with other markers in the diagnosis of primary and metastatic tumors. Loss of Uroplakin IIIa expression in bladder cancers has been associated with higher grade, muscle-invasive cancer and lymphovascular invasion. Uroplakin III may be used in a panel of antibodies including GATA3, p63 and S100P.
Intended Use: IVD