Anti-S100B, Clone S100B/1012


S100B protein is part of the S100 family of proteins. S100B is a calcium binding peptide that has 2 EF-hand calcium-binding motifs. S100 proteins are localized in the cytoplasm and/or nucleus of a wide range of cells, and involved in the regulation of a number of cellular processes such as cell cycle progression and differentiation. S100B has been implicated in having many functions including neurite expansion, proliferation of melanoma cells, inhibition of protein kinase cmediated phosphorylation, astrocytosis, axonal proliferation, inhibition of microtubule assembly and stimulation of Calcium ion fluxes. S100B is also associated with neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's disease or other chronic neurological diseases. Apart from glial cell expression, S100B is also expressed in melanocytes, and can be used as a diagnostic tool for malignant melanoma.