Anti-Progesterone Receptor, PR (InSite?)


The human progesterone receptor (PR) belongs to steroid receptor family and is a ligand-activated transcription factor. In human progesterone receptor (PR) exists as two isoforms; PR-A (94 kDa) and PR-B(114 kDa) and exhibit opposite transcriptional activities. This anti-PR recognizes both PR-A and B forms of progesterone receptor (PR). The presence of progesterone receptor in breast tumor cells has been proposed as a mechanism by which tumor cells respond to estrogen, and its occurrence of the receptor may therefore serve as a marker for improved hormone responsiveness . The use of monoclonal antibodies to determine progesterone receptor status increases the predictive value of immunohistochemical analysis with respect to the response of human tumors to hormonal modulation. This antibody stains human nuclear progesterone receptor in tissue sections by immunohistochemical techniques
Intended Use: IVD
Antibody Type: Monoclonal
Clone: PR88
Source: Mouse
Tissue Type/Cancer Type: Breast Ca

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