Anti-p40, Clone TP40/3980R


TAp63 and delta-Np63 are the two major isoforms of p63 and these isoforms differ from each other in the structure of the N-terminal domains. Delta-Np63 isoform that is identified by anti-p40 antibody contains an alternative transcriptionally-inactive delta-N domain. BioGenex TP40/3980R (p40) clone is specific for delta-Np63 but not TAp63. p40 reacts with the vast majority of cases of squamous cell carcinomas of various origins, but not with adenocarcinomas. It is particularly useful in discriminating lung squamous cell carcinoma from lung poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma. p40 antibody may also be used as an alternative immunohistochemical marker to determine prostate adenocarcinoma vs. benign prostate glands and breast intraductal carcinoma vs. invasive breast ductal carcinoma.