Anti-Langerin [H-4]

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Product Description

Langerin is found on Langerhans cells and is a type II transmembrane cell surface receptor. Extracellular domain of langerin has a neck region containing series of heptad repeats and a CRD(C-terminal C-type carbohydrate-recognition domain). Langerhans cells are immature dendritic cells (DCs) which are seen in epidermis and other mucosal epithelia. Epidermal LCs has strong immune-stimulatory capacity and plays an important role in initiating and regulating of the immune system. Langerin protein can be found in Human spleen, lymph node, thymus, liver, lung and heart. Human langerin is found on the genome maps at chromosome 2p13.3 and encodes a 328 amino acid protein.

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6 mL (RTU), 10 mL (RTU), 1 mL(Conc.), 0.5 mL (Conc.), 200 tests – Xmatrx Elite, 50 tests – Xmatrx Elite, 5 slides – Xmatrx, 5 slides – Manual