Anti-IgG4 [IGHG4/2042R]


IgG4 (Immunoglobulin G4) is rare subclass and constitutes to only 3-4% of human IgG in serum. It is a dynamic antibody which has unique biological ability to undergo Fab-arm exchange and limit immune complex formation. IgG4 acts as a blocking antibody in allergy which helps in inhibiting mast cell degranulation, but plays a deleterious role in malignant melanoma, by impeding IgG1-mediated anti-tumor immunity. The over expression of IgG4 is seen in inflammatory pseudotumor (IPT) and under expressed in inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor (IMT). There are an increased number of IgG4+ plasma cells in pulmonary nodular lymphoid hyperplasia (PNLH).
Intended Use: IVD
Antibody Type: Monoclonal
Clone: IGHG4/2042R
Source: Rabbit
Tissue Type/Cancer Type: Tonsil tissue

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