Anti-Hepatitis B Virus Core Antigen (HBcAg)


HBcAg (core antigen) is a hepatitis B viral protein produced in an infected person with active viral replication. HBcAg made up of the antigenic 28 nm nucleocapsid core of Hepatitis B Virus. HBcAg (core antigen) is absent and cannot be detected in the serum of infected individuals. Immuno detection of HBcAg can provide a considerable evidence for a viral etiology in hepatitis. The viral antigenic presence in liver cells can be linked with the histopathologic changes, thus facilitating investigation into the mechanism of virus-induced injury. As the patient becomes more symptomatic, HBc antibody becomes detectable. This antibody stains Hepatitis B Virus Core Antigen in nuclei of infected cells in tissue sections stained by immunohistochemical techniques.
Intended Use: ASR
Antibody Type: Polyclonal
Clone: Polyclonal
Source: Rabbit
Tissue Type/Cancer Type: Hepatitis