Anti- ETV4, Clone Polyclonal

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Product Description

ETS translocation variant 4 (ETV4) also named as E1A-F or PEA3, is 484 amino acid protein, which has one ETS DNA-binding domain and belongs to the ETS family. ETV4 is a transcription activator that localizes in the nucleus and binds to the enhancer of the adenovirus E1A gene. It is a Prognostic marker in Colon cancer (unfavorable) and thyroid cancer (favorable).

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6 mL (RTU), 10 mL (RTU), 1 mL(Conc.), 0.5 mL (Conc.), 200 tests – Xmatrx Elite, 50 tests – Xmatrx Elite, 5 slides – Xmatrx, 5 slides – Manual