Anti- Cytokeratin 6 , Clone EP67
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Cytokeratin 6 (also known as CK6, keratin 6) is a type II intermediate filament protein required to form a cytoplasmic filament network to maintain cell integrity and protecting cells from stress or injury. It is constitutively expressed in all major types of epithelial appendages, such as hair, nail, oral mucosa, esophagus and glands. It has been identified as a marker of mammary gland progenitor cells and its expression is induced by cell injury, infection, disease. CK6 expression is strong in about 75% of head and neck squamous cell carcinomas. AntiCK6 is paired with CK5 antibody is useful to differentiate mesothelioma from lung carcinoma (negative) or metastatic carcinoma (negative) in the pleura and ductal hyperplasia of the breast (strong staining) from solid papillary DCIS (negative).

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