CD2 also designated as Lymphocyte Function Antigen 2 (LFA-2), sheep red blood cell receptor (SRBC-R), erythrocyte receptor, and T11, is a 40 kDa monomeric type I transmembrane glycoprotein that belongs to immunoglobulin (Ig) superfamily. It is a cell-adhesion molecule that binds with CD58, a surface glycoprotein expressed by antigen presenting cells (APCs) and other target cells. Moreover, CD2 is also a co-stimulatory receptor which is involved in cellular functions such as T-cell activation, NK cell activation, Thymocyte development, immunological synapse formation through T cell-APC binding and actin cytoskeleton rearrangement. It is expressed on the surface of T cells, natural killer cells, dendritic cells and thymocytes. CD2 is useful in identification of Leukemias and Lymphomas of T-cell origin.
Intended Use: IVD
Antibody Type: Membrane
Clone: LFA2/7106
Source: Mouse
Tissue Type/Cancer Type: Tonsil, Spleen and Lymph node tissues

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