Anti-C4D, Clone Polyclonal


C4D (complement 4d) antibody reacts with secreted and cell-bound C4d. It's a degradation product of the activated complement factor C4b. Binding of Abs to specific target molecules generally activates C4b. The existence of C4d in peritubular capillaries could be an important indicator for acute humoral rejection of heart, kidney, lung and pancreas allografts. C4D can be detected in peritubular capillaries in chronic renal allograft rejection. It also may be detected as acute cellular rejection, hyperacute rejection, acute vascular rejection, and borderline rejection. It's been shown to be a compelling predictor of transplant kidney graft survival. Anti-C4d, combined with anti-C3d, is also used for diagnosis of allograft rejections that will accrediate an aggressive and prompt anti-rejection treatment.
Intended Use: RUO
Antibody Type: Polyclonal
Clone: Polyclonal
Source: Rabbit
Tissue Type/Cancer Type: Tonsil