Aurora B is a 39kDa serine/threonine kinase which is the enzymatic core of the Chromosomal Passenger Complex (CPC) required for chromosome alignment/segregation during mitotic and meiosis events. Aurora B forms a complex with nonenzymatic subunits of CPC known as the inner centromere protein (INCENP), survivin and borealin. These complexes play a critical role in accurate chromosome alignment and segregation, histone modification, protein localization to the centromere and kinetochore, cytokinesis, proper microtubulekinetochore attachment and regulation of the mitotic check point. Aurora B is overexpressed in a variety of human tumors including non-small cell lung carcinoma, seminoma, astrocytoma and carcinomas of the colon, breast, prostate, endometrium and thyroid.
Intended Use: IVD
Antibody Type: Monoclonal
Clone: AURKB/1521
Source: Mouse
Tissue Type/Cancer Type: Tonsil, Placenta, Hodgkin’s, Lymphoma, colon and colon carcinoma tissue

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