Catalog No.
BGX-2549 (for Applied Biosystems and MilliGen 8800, 8700 and 8600 DNA Synthesizers)

Product Name

Formula                       MW

C50H62N6O10F3P     995.05                                    

Storage Conditions
Store desiccated at –20 oC

Dissolve in appropriate amount of acetonitrile per instruction given in your automated DNA synthesizer manual. Normal coupling time is recommended. TFA Group is removed during standard ammonium hydroxide deprotection. A minor side reaction can lead to irreversibly capping 2-5 % of amine. This could be significant if multiple additions of the modifier are needed. To prevent the reaction, synthesize using acetyl-protected dC and deprotect in ammonia: 40% methylamine (1:1) at 65 oC for 15 minutes.

Catalog No.                  Quantity                                          Acetonitrile Needed   for 0.1M 

2549-005                     0.05 mmol (50mg)                               0.5 mL

2549-01                       0.10 mmol (100mg)                             1.0 mL

2549-025                     0.25 g                                                  2.4 mL

Specifications      Results          

HPLC Purity* (% Area):      > 95%     _______   *RP-HPLC analysis with TEAA/CH3CN solvent system.

31P-NMR % Purity:             > 90%      _______

Coupling Efficiency            > 95%      _______


SKU: BGX-2549-01GP
Acetonitrile Needed for 0.1M: 0.5 mLl.0mL3.0 mL