6-Fam-CX-CPG (500 A)


Catalog No: BGX- 6195

Product Name: 6-Carboxytetrachlorofluorescein-CX-LCAA-CPG Support (500 Å)

Description: BioGenex Carboxytetrachlorofluorescein CPG support can be used to label an oligonucleotide by using standard synthesis protocols on any DNA synthesizer.

Appearance: White to light pink powder

Storage Conditions: Store dry at room temperature

Method: For best performance, use the following formula to make the desired columns: CPG required in mg = (Synthesis scale x 1100) / (Loading)

Deprotection: Heat at 60 °C for 5 hours in concentrated ammonia solution to completely deprotect the oligo.

Purification: Oligomers synthesized using this product can be purified by either gel electrophoresis or reversed phase HPLC.

SKU: BGX-6191-01GP
Acetonitrile Needed for 0.1M: 0.5 mLl.0mL3.0 mL