Our History

BioGenex was founded in 1981 in San Ramon, California. The mission was clear, become a global molecular medicine company providing affordable biomedical reagent systems.

Towards this goal, in 1991 BioGenex acquired American Bionetics (ABN) and turned their DNA/RNA reagent business into a profitable venture within six months. Since then, the company has launched a series of automated staining systems and a full suite of innovative histology products.

Today, BioGenex is a global market leader in molecular pathology providing customer-centric solutions for complete automation of cell and tissue staining. Through proprietary cutting-edge technologies, the company has transformed the practice of slide-based staining performed in modern molecular pathology laboratories.

Early, affordable and accurate diagnosis at the molecular level has resulted in a higher quality of life for cancer patients. For example, revolutionary immunotherapy PDL1 checkpoint inhibitors for lung cancer treatment are prescribed on the basis of an IHC biomarker test. BioGenex takes pride in making a difference through its innovative products and superior customer service.

1989 – Introduction of BioGenex antigen retrieval products

1981 – Company founded in San Ramon, California

1999 – Introduction of special stain kits to OptiMax Plus staining system

1996 – Introduction of Advanced OptiMax Plus staining system

1994 – Introduction of first generation of OptiMax Plus staining system

1994 – Introduction of DNA probe product line for in situ hybridization

1991 – Acquisition of American Bionetics (ABN) was completed

1990 – Introduction of MultiLink IHC detection system

2009 – Abbott and BioGenex extended Xmatrx® technology co-development and distribution agreement

2009 – Introduction of eFISHiency, fully automated FISH system powered by Abbot

2006 – Hyderabad, India subsidiary established

2005 – Introduction of Super Sensitive Polymer-HRP detection system

2005 – Introduction of Xmatrx® staining system

2004 – BioGenex entered agreement with Abbott to co-develop FISH automation

2001 – Introduction of i6000™ staining system

2015 – Xmatrx® offered in situ PCR and miRNA assays

2015 – Dedication of 100,000 sq.ft. Regional Center of Excellence in Hyderabad, India

2014 – Introduction of Xmatrx® ELITE, NANO and MINI systems

2014 – BioGenex S.R.L., a wholly owned subsidiary of BioGenex, established in Milan, Italy

2014 – Introduction of multiple Nucleic Acid Detection (NAD) products

2010 – Agency office open in Shanghai, China