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Our Company

BioGenex designs, develops and commercializes molecular pathology systems for Tumor diagnosis, prognosis, precision medicine and life science research. BioGenex’s industry-leading next-generation cytogenetic FISH workflow solution and miRNA system for characterization of Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP) and undifferentiated tumors are revolutionizing pathology.

Our Mission

To Enable Pathologists and Clinicians for Precise Diagnosis and Improved life of Cancer Patient. This is reflected in:

Productivity & Service
Productivity & Service

Meeting or exceeding internal and external customer needs

Quality & Reliability
Quality & Reliability

Meeting or exceeding international (ISO) quality standards and country-specific regulatory requirements


Quality by design (QbD) and continuous improvement implemented by our employees

Our core values


Employees at every level of the company make decisions that help improve our products, services, and internal operations.


Our success is due to the commitment, passion and dedication of our employees, delivered every day.


The cornerstone of our work culture is collaboration and teamwork, both between divisions within the company and through reaching out to companies with which we can work together to mutually increase value and develop better systems.

Customer Focus

Our top priority is our customers in the biomedical sphere. Every client counts, we build long term relations through excellence, superior product performance, fairness and attentiveness to client requirements.


Our new products are created by continually challenging ourselves to seek better solutions to complex problems that our customers may face. Innovation is a key driver for our growth.


We “do the right thing” and believe in being responsive, straight-forward and committed to our customers.

Our Team: Driving Global Success

At Biogenex, we owe our remarkable achievements to the collective brilliance and dedication of our diverse team, spanning across the globe. With over 250 exceptional individuals working tirelessly towards a shared vision, we are at the forefront of innovation and excellence in [industry/field]

The Biogenex history

BioGenex is a global market leader in molecular pathology providing customer-centric solutions for complete automation of cell and tissue staining. Through proprietary cutting-edge technologies, the company has transformed the practice of slide-based staining performed in modern molecular pathology laboratories.

The first steps The first steps


Company founded in San Ramon, California by Dr. Krishan Kalra & Satya Kalra


Introduction of BioGenex antigen retrieval products


Introduction of MultiLink IHC detection system


BioGenex acquired American Bionetics (ABN) and turned their DNA/RNA reagent business into a profitable venture within six months.


Introduction of DNA probe product line for in situ hybridization, and Introduction of first generation of OptiMax Plus staining system


Introduction of Advanced OptiMax Plus staining system

Innovation Innovation


Introduction of special stain kits to OptiMax Plus staining system


Introduction of i6000™ staining system


BioGenex entered agreement with Abbott to co-develop FISH automation


Introduction of Xmatrx® staining system, and introduction of Super Sensitive Polymer-HRP detection system


Hyderabad, India subsidiary established

Development Development


Introduction of eFISHiency, fully automated FISH system powered by Abbot. Abbott and BioGenex extended Xmatrx® technology co-development and distribution agreement


Agency office open in Shanghai, China


Introduction of multiple Nucleic Acid Detection (NAD) products, and Introduction of Xmatrx® ELITE, NANO and MINI systems

Global Expansion & BioGenex  Automation Global Expansion & BioGenex Automation


Dedication of 100,000 sq.ft. Regional Center of Excellence in Hyderabad, India.
Xmatrx® offered in situ PCR and miRNA assays


Introducing Xmatrx Elite, Nano & Mini


Business Expansion Planning


Xmatrx Ultra, NanoMatrx, NanoMatrx Rx, NanoMatrx Dx


Introducing NanoVIP


COVID 19 – Viral Transport Medium, RT-PCR kit


New Improved Poly HRP Kits

Satisfied Customers Speak Out

Dr. Igor Sharakhov, Associate Professor @ Virginia Tech

Xmatrx Infinity Enables Automated FISH for Physical Mapping of Chromosomes About Dr. Sharakhov Igor Sharakhov Ph.D., is an Associate Professor with the Department of Entomology at Virginia Tech focusing on comparative genomics and molecular genetics of malaria mosquitoes.

Dr. Igor Sharakhov, Associate Professor @ Virginia Tech,

Dr. Eucharia Iwuanyanwu, Medical Oncology MLP @ Ace Cancer Care Inc

We have been using BioGenex NanoVIP all-in-one fully automated staining system for the last 2 years. It enables automation of any slide-based staining procedures (baking to DAPI mounting), in our lab, we use it for in situ hybridization (ISH)/RNAScope.

Dr. Eucharia Iwuanyanwu, Medical Oncology MLP @ Ace Cancer Care Inc,