Detection Systems – IHC

IHC Detection Systems are designed for the chromogenic detection of antigen-antibody binding reactions with mouse and/or rabbit IgG and IgM primary antibodies to achieve highly sensitive and specific immunohistochemical staining. Antigen detection by immunohistochemistry (IHC) is a two-step process wherein the primary antibody binds to specific epitopes of the complimentary antigen and that binding is detected by a varietyof enzymatic reaction methods.

    New & Improved Polymer HRP Kits IHC

    1-Step Polymer Kits IHC

    Multiplexing & Double Staining IHC

    Polymer HRP Kits IHC

    AP Kit IHC

    New & Improved 1-Step Polymer Kits IHC

    MultiLink kits IHC