i6000™ Diagnostics – Integrated High-throughput Workflow Solution

The i6000™ Diagnostics is adaptable, efficient, and cost-effective IHC system for clinical sample testing in pathology laboratories. It is a high-throughput system with a staining capacity of 200 slides in 8 hours (60 slides in 3 hours) and uses barcoded slides and reagent vials to minimize hands-on time and data entry errors.

The system has a predictable cost structure and short learning curve to enhance cross-training and personnel rotation. We have optimized more than 600 protocols with our ready-to-use reagents for i6000™ Diagnostics to assure clean, intense, and reproducible staining results.

Catalog No: AS6030



Automation Peroxide block to counterstaining
Slide capacity 60 slides
Reagent capacity 60 reagent vials
Reagent vial capacity 20 mL
Bulk reagent carboy & capacity 1 x 10 L, 1 x 10 L
Waste container & capacity 1 x 20 L
Slide sensing Barcode
Reagent sensing Barcode
Reagent dispense volumes 100-800 µL
Reagent dispenser Pipette tips
Configuration Table mounted
Protocols Preloaded >600 protocols
Operating temperature 15-30 °C
Operating humidity 15%-55% RH
Operating voltage 115/230 V AC, 60/50 Hz, 300 W
Dimensions (D/W/H) 24” x 40.5” x 18.5”
Weight 130 lb/59 Kg