BioGenex presentsXmatrx®MINI to meet today’s need for fully integrated optimal workflow for molecular (nucleic acid) analysis applicationssuch as Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (FISH), in situ hybridization (ISH), and in situ PCR –essential tools for cancerresearch and diagnosis.

Catalog No: AS1010

Xmatrx®MINI is a compact, complete, ALL-IN-ONE, and fully integrated slide staining system for FISH, ISH and in situ PCR that greatly optimizes and simplifies workflow in research and diagnostic laboratories!

Xmatrx®MINI is equipped with 10 independently programmable slide work stations that can act as a thermal cycler for in situ PCR and for ISH or FISH stainings. Xmatrx®MINI is designed to enable the completion of the entire staining run at the slide work stations! All ISH and FISH protocol steps are performed while the slides stay on the system positions starting from baking, dewax, nucleic acid retrieval, enzyme pretreatment, hybridization, stringency washes, counter stain, DAPI, and final coverslip. This eliminates the need for separate dewax, and antigen retrieval stations, copulin jars, rubber cement, forceps, and water baths. The slides stay at the work stations throughout the process foroptimized work flow, saving valuable time and increasing productivity whilereducing human error. Furthermore, the Xmatrx®MINI system provides manual application of probes and micro-reagents, placed on respective slide processing stations, to optimize usage quantity and reduce cost. All other reagents canalso be applied manually.

For in situ PCR applications, Xmatrx®MINI performs rapid heating and cooling, achieving 95 ºC from ambient temperature in less than 2 minutes,and amplifies low-abundance nucleic acids within the tissue.

A touch screen display is designed for easy operations and programming. Additional included accessories are: suction pen for placement and removal of coverslips, oil stamp for sealing, and coverslip dispensing racks.

Xmatrx® MINI Overview

Slide capacity10 slides
Slide temperature range25-105 °C
ConfigurationTable mounted
ProtocolsOpen template
Operating temperature15-30 °C
Operating humidity15%-55% RH
Operating voltage115/230 V AC, 60/50 Hz, 500 W
Dimensions (D/W/H)19.5″ x 13″ x 8″
Weight30 lb/14 Kg

Features & Benefits:

  • in situ PCR and FISH Work Station
  • Hybridizer with eXACT™ accurate temperatures
  • 10 independent thermal cyclers
  • Built-in touch screen display for easy operations
  • On-board wash with effective waste drainage system
  • Audio-visual alerts at every step for manual intervention
  • User-friendly software with ability to add or delete cycles, store protocols for future use and perform up to 45 PCR cycles


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