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Anti-Synaptophysin for Pancreatic Tumor Diagnosis

BioGenex presents Anti-Synaptophysin antibody for Pancreatic tumor diagnosis. Synaptophysin is a 38 kDa major integral four pass transmembrane glycoprotein present on synaptic vesicles. This protein is present in almost all neurons and neuroendocrine cells throughout the body. 
Synaptophysin is a sensitive quantitative molecular marker of synaptic density and also a useful marker in the identification and characterization of neuronal and neuroendocrine neoplasms of the adrenal medullary, pituitary, thyroid and islet cell tumors, gastrointestinal, bronchial, thymic and pancreatic carcinoid tumors.
BioGenex offers ready-to-use (RTU) & concentrated forms of antibodies for both manual & automated systems which are best-in-class for clinicopathological diagnosis & drug discovery. It enables pathologists & clinicians to precisely diagnose and improve life expectancy.