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Anti Factor XIIIa Antibody for Tumor Diagnosis

BioGenex presents anti-Factor XIII antibody for Prostate & Testicular tumor diagnosis. The enzyme Factor XIII is a protransglutaminase involved in the final part of the coagulation pathway, stabilizing clot formation by crosslinking fibronectin to collagen. Factor XIII is found within a variety of dendritic cells in connective tissues.
It plays a general role in various processes such as cell proliferation and tissue remodeling, including embryonic and fetal embryogenesis, wound healing, artherosclerosis and tumor growth. This antibody stains the cytoplasm of positive cells .
BioGenex offers ready-to-use (RTU) & concentrated forms of antibodies for both manual & automated systems which are best-in-class for clinicopathological diagnosis & drug discovery. It enables pathologists & clinicians to precisely diagnose and improve life expectancy.