NexGen Systems for Precise Tumor Characterization Accelerating the Pace of Personalized Medicine – Difficult to Diagnose and Undifferentiated Tumors

February 26, 2013

FREMONT, California, February, 26, 2013 – Fremont, California based BioGenex introduces NexGen systems pertinent to in situ PCR, CISH, FISH and microRNA. Molecular pathology plays a crucial and decisive role in the characterization of undifferentiated and difficult to diagnose tumors. Applications in haemat-lymphoid malignancies have changed the disease definition with improved treatment modalities and disease outcome.Its application in solid tumors is limited due cumbersome tissue extraction procedures, compromised quality of extracted nucleic acids, contamination, inhibitors and many more.

BioGenex, with its relentless strive for customer driven solutions, has developed the NexGen systems to include: In Situ PCR, CISH, FISH, and microRNA on FFPE tissue sections. These NexGen systems allow co-visualization of protein antigens, nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) and miRNA regulatory molecules on FFPE tissue sections. This technology facilitates a robust and efficient process for correlating multiple markers in pre-translation, regulatory and post-translation for accurate tumor characterization. This unique three pronged approach paves the way for a comprehensive systems-based disease management potentially leading to better outcomes. As part of our commitment to automation, the reagent systems are designed to minimize hands-on time with standardized results using Xmatrx® ELITE.

Xmatrx® ELITE ensures accurate reagent dispensing using a liquid level sensor and 75% less reagent consumption by evenly distributing reagents onto the specimen while using our advanced coverslip micro-chamber and precise temperature control technology. The system also eliminates cross contamination through the use of fresh pipette tips for each step of a protocol.

Xmatrx® ELITE maximizes the testing capacity, minimizes hands-on time, reduces errors and produces consistent and accurate results. This underlies our commitment to providing a safer and healthier work
environment for today, tomorrow and beyond.

About Us:

BioGenex designs, develops, and commercializes advanced fully-automated Molecular Diagnostic Systems for cancer diagnosis, prognosis, therapy selection, personalized medicine, and life science research. Our products include fully automated instruments, Nucleic Acid probes, Antibodies, detection systems, ancillary reagents, and consumables to provide total solution for ISH, CISH, IHC, SS, FISH, and in situ PCR. Our customer focused approach, with premier after-sales support and excellent technical service, provides the best-in-class customer care. Our spirit of innovation drives us to deliver cutting edge technology, years ahead of our competition, and the finest reagents and instruments for Life Science research and diagnostics.For any queries/more information, please write to: or

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